10 Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying A New Home

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Purchasing a “Dream home” is one of a wish that everyone has on their bucket list. When we buy a new home, everyone has their priorities and a bar that includes the finance, effort, comfort for each family member, and intense market research. It’s a long-term commitment after a long time of savings.

HobnobRealtors enlists the top 10 factors to keep in mind when buying a new home.

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LOCALITY– Buyers need to find a home near the social areas which they visit, frequently. For example- workplaces, supermarkets, schools, parks, neighborhood areas, healthcare facilities, etc because finding a new home away from these facilities might give you a costly livelihood.

PRICE-It might be just a deal for the broker or developer, it is a dream you will fulfill. Never lose sight of the pricing of the particular area you are buying. We wish not to have a hole with which to burn our pockets. Being a good bargainer is not a shame, it’s the characteristic of the person who knows about the market. One should have an idea of the property price of the area.

DOCUMENTATION-It is very crucial to go through all the documentation. This will not only help you in the short run but may help you in the long run. Before you sign the document, perform your proper checks and verify that the project has all required approvals and clearances. Get check all the documents by the realty expert.

RIGHT AMOUNT OF SPACE-The secret to choosing your ideal house is determining how much space you require. Buying a small home for your family will always be a problem and you will always try to configure the area to maintain ideality. It’s essential to see the house and its space before purchasing it to avoid any disappointment later.

VENTILATION – The house might fulfill all your needs but it will be a major red flag if the house isn’t well oxygenated. Proper ventilation and oxygenation are the major pros of buying a house because it releases stress and also helps you to pay less for your bills. Your go unit can be the house facing parks and roads. Window every room would be a win-win for us.

AGE OF PROPERTY – When it comes to buying a home, a home that you have dreamt from years, ages do make a difference. Buying old houses and brand new ones has its pros and cons. Be aware of what you signing up for before you make a deal. Take it into notice that old houses need a bit more TLC than the new ones. This single step can save you from spending sacks of money on repairs and damages.

SECURITY MEASURES – This is not an essential factor at the time of emergency. It’s for an unproblematic life too. The gated community might cost you more than the individual house. But they provide you the facilities like security guards, swimming pools, and sweepers, among others. Security is vital for an individual to live peacefully. Choosing a good- peaceful house will be an ideal decision by the buyer.

RESALE VALUE – It sounds like a deal but one should know whether the saving which they are investing in a home is good to do or not. This choice may be influenced by the locale. To guarantee a healthy lifestyle and a respectable Return on Investment(ROI), you must be able to balance a mature neighborhood with a growth corridor.

HIDDEN COSTS– Hidden costs can’t be kept hidden when you have keen eyes. One should know the maintenance charges and the tax for the apartment/standalone house. Ask your real estate agent who made you buy the home about all the costs that are involved in buying that house. It is essential to configure everything before purchasing to avoid stress later on.

STORAGE SPACE – Storage space is one of the factors which is ignored during buying a new house. It is important to evaluate the storage space accommodates. This information should be verified during site inspections because it will have an immediate influence on your total amount of living space.


Making a home investment decision may be lengthy, but keeping some basic factors in mind can make it easier. Everyone deserves to live in their dream home and it is possible with the right market research. Take these factors into consideration before you buy a new home. These will help you focus on the qualities a property should have to be your perfect fit.

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