Top 5 Societies In Jaipur Perfect For Families To Live In 2022

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Living in the pink city, Jaipur has its perks. 

The benefits of residing in India’s “pink city” are numerous. However, it can be challenging to choose the ideal residential community in Jaipur. As a result, we decided to save you time by limiting the names of the greatest residential societies in Jaipur.

Look at the societies which are listed below to know the various residential communities in Jaipur.


The Suncity jewel of India is one of the biggest societies in Jaipur at JLN marg. Since there are two apartments on each floor and the apartments are four sides open, every apartment in this community has a beautiful view to offer. All of these large apartments are sufficiently secure in terms of safety. 

They provide a variety of clubs including an indoor pool. 

The community, in addition to being large, has a lot of appealing amenities to offer, such as 

  • a gym with a dedicated aerobics area,
  • a yoga studio with a meditation room
  • a clubhouse
  • a gaming area or room with games like chess, table tennis, pool, badminton, and carrom, which fall under the category of indoor games. 
  • There is a separate swimming pool for the ladies and children.
  • And much more

All these be heart catch for the home buyer.


This is one of the admirable societies in Mansarovar, Jaipur. It is well known for the comfort, and ease facilities which are provided to their home buyers. It is so many unknown facilities that only a few people can recognize and appreciate the way it deserves.

This society is in the area which makes it way more important.

The key elements that are in this society are:-

  • Low-density society
  • Picnic spots near 
  • 24*7 security
  • Greenery
  • Library area
  • Gym
  • Community area etc

It has good schools nearby and all the day-to-day needs can be fulfilled. One doesn’t have to visit the city area and stuck in traffic jams for the requirements.


Ashiana rangoli garden is at the prime location of Jaipur,i.e. Vishali Nagar. Society has an alluring view. The morning with a soothing view gives the ability to do the hectic work with ease.

The price is based on the respective size and area of the society.

The clubhouse, swimming pool, and gardens with greenery make the evening walk more delightful and full of joy. Local markets, shopping malls, hospitals, transport facilities, etc are just a drive away from society.

The society has both indoor as well as outdoor games facilities which encourage everyone to be one on the field and build bonds with each other.

In respect of having kids in the family, the distance between the schools or institutions is minimal.

There is no point in any disappointment after buying a home in this society.


It is a high-end society in Mansarovar. All these societies are in contact with nature and have a serene view. Society is connected with nature as well as social life. If you are the person who loves to have calmness around as well as not like to drive far for fulfilling your basic needs then, this society is for you.

Manglam Aananda is highly recommended for its domain security criteria.

Society is fully equipped with the facilities such as

  • Gym 
  • Sport arena
  • High-end security
  • Suitable parking area
  • Salon
  • And much more

You can find the school or institutions near this society and save travel time.


Ashiana Greenwood is One of the most prominent areas and well-known communities in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. In this region, it is a well-known society. This society is well connected with a variety of public transit options and is full of contemporary amenities. The community provides designated parking spaces for members and guests. The campus is spotless and well-guarded.

This community was built in a desirable area of the city and offers a wide range of amenities, including a children’s play area, walking gardens, a swimming pool, a gym, and parking for both residents and guests. If you’re a family man and belong to any other age group, this organization offers all you could need.

Considerate elements of this society are:-

  • Spacious
  • Health centers in proximity
  • Transport facilities in reach
  • Open to nature
  • Considerable schools/ institutions nearby.


Buying a home in the above-listed societies will take you near to nature and will give you the inner calmness that one needs. Social life won’t get affected and amenities will give you leisure in life.

Buy your dream home and live your life to the fullest. 

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